Machine Safety

Safety around machinery is of paramount importance to many of our clients. It isn’t just about putting up some fences and preventing access, there are many issues to consider such as:

  • How do maintenance crew maintain safety during repairs?
  • Are there emergency stop facilities and, if so, are they correctly implemented?
  • What category of safety is required for my machine? There are multiple safety categories, each with their own requirements.
  • Are the safety systems easily bypassed?
  • Can a safety system be implemented with minimal disadvantages to the operator? (The answer is always ‘yes’!)

Updated safety legislation puts the onus on everybody involved to have the correct safety systems in place around machinery. Nobody is immune; from the company director through to management and the staff on the floor. Even installers and suppliers can be held responsible.

We can help make sure your plant and machinery are compliant from assisting with an evaluation to recommending and installing the right equipment. Don’t wait until someone gets injured, evaluate your machine safety now.

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