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Introducing Kinetic

Our business began in 1995 as Bambry Clark Electrical. We started out with two sparkies, both new to self-employment, learning the best systems and processes on the hop. Essentially, we were two guys in a rundown shed on a back section.

From these early days, we were committed to growing the business to take on larger projects. It was our dream to build a company with high creditability and profile to deliver trusted robust and smart electrical solutions. We challenged ourselves to drive the business forward and grow to an optimum size.

Our systematic approach saw the business go from strength to strength, with a secure financial structure, organised systems and clear marketing strategy. We know success comes with staying focused and by establishing sound processes. In 2006, to maximise our emerging strength in the market, we rebranded as Kinetic Electrical.

Kinetic Electrical is focused on “working smarter” to deliver innovative dependable cost-effective results for our valued clients. The confidence we have in our business processes and systems has an almost magnetic effect in attracting more and more new clients.

It would be fair to say New Zealand business landscape has changed for good. More and more decisions are now being made at a national level (by Head Office). Having a national brand, with national coverage has become increasingly more valuable.

It’s about strength in numbers…. The benefits of operating together as opposed to individually are significant.

To confidentially discuss franchise opportunities, please fill out our online form, txt/call Ken Parsons on 027 485 2010 or email