Ben’s business (started September 2017)

Ben gained his Trade Certificate back in 2007. Over the years he’s gained additional skills & qualifications in areas such as Explosive Atmospheres, Confined Space and Gas Detection, Working at Heights etc.

Ben has worked for a number of strong contracting businesses including Clarksons Electrical (Wellington) and more recently Athenry Electrical (Auckland).

As at August 2021 Kinetic Electrical South West Auckland has grown significantly and now employs 9 people.

Why did you make contact with Kinetic Electrical?

It had always been a goal of mine to venture into an electrical contracting business at some stage in my life. Due to my current circumstances it was the right time to take the leap. I had already made the conscious decision to start my own business prior to contacting Kinetic Electrical. I was conducting research on startup options and came across Kinetic Electrical and everything developed from there.

Tell us a bit about the whole process?

I made an initial online inquiry. From there Ken contacted me by email and we held a phone conversation not long after. From there I was provided with information to review, followed by a visit to the head office in Hawkes Bay to learn more about the business and its operating systems. After this stage both parties conducted due diligence and the franchise agreement was signed. This was followed up with basic training also held in the Hawkes Bay prior to me starting trading.

How has Kinetic helped you get your business going?

Definitely providing the operating systems. It enabled me to focus on other startup requirements and dive straight into trading and completing work for customers.

What does it mean to you, being part of a national brand?

I feel it adds depth to what I am doing because there are other Kinetic Franchises working towards achieving similar goals, so the brand is constantly developing.There is also the network there to be able to work together to complete bigger projects and utilise each other’s skills.

Your business is now up and running.  How have the first few weeks gone?

It has definitely been busy. Your business demands a lot of your time and energy. Workflow has exceeded my expectations with most my initial work coming from friends and family. I am enjoying the challenge and excited by the opportunities ahead.

Start in business opportunities

Kinetic is looking for good electricians and want to start their own business, with the backing of a national brand.

To register your interest please fill out our online form, txt/call Ken Parsons on 027 485 2010 or email

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