Jamie’s business (started August 2018)

Jamie is one of those electricians that loves what he does. He takes pride in his work and likes helping people. Jamie has 15 plus years experience in the trade and enjoy all aspects of electrical work. Over the years he has managed many projects in areas such as large scale commercial fit-outs, new housing, home renovations, rest homes, shop fit-outs, restaurants and more. Jamie is local to Wellington and would love to hear from you.
As at August 2021 Kinetic Electrical Wellington has grown significantly and now employs 7 people.

Why did you make contact with Kinetic?

A fellow work colleague came to me wanting my advice on going into business for himself and mentioned it was Kinetic. After looking at it I was impressed and encouraged him to go for it as it looked like a good opportunity. Now Mark is Kinetic Kapiti. Mark got in touch with Ken about me and was I happy to go through the process based on Marks feedback.

Tell us a bit about the whole process

From there Ken made contact and arranged to meet up with me in Wellington. I explained to Ken that timing wasn’t the best for me initially as I was deep in commercial contracts and didn’t want to let anyone down. But there was no pressure at all from Ken to act quickly which was great. Everything was explained clearly, and Ken was happy to go through the process and leave the ball in my court until I was ready.

How has Kinetic helped you get your business going?

Very helpful with the strategic planning of who my market was and how we were going to approach new customers. Lisa and Vicki were very helpful sorting out Uniforms, cards and making us understand all the systems behind the company. It was interesting that I used the same and similar systems in contracting but Darren has got these nailed down and I realised I wasn’t using them to the full potential. SMARTER!

What does it mean to have a national brand like Kinetic?

I like the brand, the marketing and the fact that everyone will do their best to make the brand shine. In the Capital having worked for many government departments I can see real value me telling clients we can take care of nationwide projects if required and have a team that has the technical ability to deliver.

Your business is now up and running. What have the first few weeks/months been like?

Operating for two weeks now and although just started have had a few jobs and helping the Kapiti branch which is handy. Focus for first month is getting all procedures/plant/vehicles ready for attack.

Start in business opportunities

Kinetic is looking for good electricians that want to start their own business, with the backing of a national brand.

To register your interest please fill out our online form, txt/call Ken Parsons on 027 485 2010 or email ken.parsons@kinetic-electric.co.nz

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