Mark’s business (started February 2018)

Mark has 10 plus years experience in the trade, most of which has been in the Wellington/Kapiti Coast area. Over the years he has managed numerous projects, in areas such as new housing, home renovations, rest home fitout and maintenance, shop fit-outs, restaurants etc. 

As at August 2021 Kinetic Electrical Kapiti Coast has grown significantly and now employs 6 people.

Why did you make contact with Kinetic?

I was working as a contracts manager for about 5 years with a medium to large electrical company here on the Kapiti Coast and had started to think that maybe I wanted to branch out on my own. I liked the idea of the security of a 9-5 job, but the thought at the back of my mind never left me and I started to research what I needed for a startup business and measuring up the value between being my own boss or continuing to ‘work for the man’. I came across Kinetic’s Facebook advert and was drawn back to the Facebook page numerous times, I liked that the business model was easy to follow and the idea of franchising, i.e., the brand was already established and appears to be thriving all over the country. I also liked that there was not a Wellington/Kapiti Kinetic franchise, so sent an email into the unknown, and as some say the rest is history.

Tell us a bit about the whole process

Ken got in touch almost immediately and was keen to meet up, he was down in the region so came by the house and answered a whole lot of questions. The process from there was very easy, there was never any pressure and Ken was always available to talk over any issues or questions I had. The business model that Kinetic provides is very reassuring, taking the leap into the unknown was always going to be stressful but I found the whole on-boarding process to be easy, and I thank Darren and Ken for being so patient.

How has Kinetic helped you get your business going

I don’t think I could have done it without the Kinetic business model, right down to advertising, including social media, signs, stationary, Xero etc. Kinetic has given me a great platform to just get stuck into the work.

What does it mean to have a national brand like Kinetic?

The professionalism that the Kinetic national brand emphasizes is amazing.  I feel that potential customers are more inclined to give me a ring as the website provides a lot of information and shows that the franchise is nationwide, but that I am also a local of the Kapiti Coast region. I also like the idea of cross resource, that I can give any of the guys a ring and discuss projects or to just ask for help. 

Your business is now up and running. What have the first few weeks/months been like?

It has been very busy, since February 2018 I don’t think I have stopped. I am learning to juggle family life, office life and being back on the tools. I am enjoying working for myself and am excited about the future of the Kinetic Kapiti Coast Franchise.

Start in business opportunities

Kinetic is looking for good electricians that want to start their own business, with the backing of a national brand.

To register your interest please fill out our online form, txt/call Ken Parsons on 027 485 2010 or email

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