What existing Kinetic business owners say

Kinetic Electrical is a growing business. Electrical Contractors who are innovators, success-oriented, and great service providers are invited to check out what becoming part of the Kinetic Electrical group could do for their business.

What Kinetic Electrical business owners have to say…

“Networking, business knowledge, how to do things, the support behind you – before Kinetic, I’ve always just done it myself. I didn’t realize how helpful it could be having help with those things, how helpful it is having a group and support network behind you. Having a third party to help with advice and steering you to a decision. Darren and Ken have come back to me with advice on prices; the other owners I can ring at any time and they’ll help you or advise me. At the annual conference we’ll all sit down and talk about our issues and how to overcome them.”

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Sue Beston – Kinetic Electrical Franklin

“Before joining Kinetic, the major issue we had was not having the knowledge, time or money to sit down and make up all the systems we needed. We knew we needed some but we didn’t know how to do it. Joining the franchise and having those systems, ready-made and sitting there, ready for us to dive in, was great. It was everything we needed – the whole package, including accounting systems and job tracking systems. Prior to that we’d been plodding along, doing what we had to do to keep the business going. To have all these systems immediately ready to go, to keep us on track and sorted, was awesome for our business.”

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Andrew Bryson – Kinetic Electrical East Tamaki

“There were four main drivers that had me looking at franchise options. One, I could see where health and safety and all that legislation was going. Two, I had a bookkeeping package that I used about 10% of and couldn’t understand the rest. Three, I wanted someone in my trade, who knew what they were talking about and who was successful, with a good track record. I was after a mentor that I could ring with problems or as a sounding board, but I needed someone who speaks my language – not an accountant type. And four, I wanted to have a more saleable business. I’ve seen electricians reach retirement age and find out their business isn’t worth anything near what they thought it was. Getting into a franchise means that the systems and documentation behind the business can carry on without me – it’s not all in my head.”

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Michael Dent – Kinetic Electrical Rotorua

“In our game, if I go talk to the electrician down the road he’ll only give me so much information and it’s not always right. It’s been really good having the other Kinetic electricians in the business to give honest feedback. We tap into each other’s strengths – for example, I don’t have any rural industry knowledge at all, but others in the group do. There’s another guy heavily into data wiring. We all have our own strengths and attributes and it’s great to be able to draw on them. You know they’re going to answer you with your best interests at heart, not sabotage you. We’ll even pull resources from a couple of the other Kinectics’ when needed.”

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Adam Bibbie – Kinetic Electrical North Shore

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