At Kinetic Electrical we listen to our clients

We make sure we understand fully what’s required, we prepare for the job at hand and we deliver the “right” solution. We have the systems and work practices that ensure our clients receive a service which is both efficient and professional, with minimal disruption to their business, work place or home.

We deliver this at a price that represents the best possible value for money.

The skill and experience of our electricians is second to none, but the thing that really sets us apart are the business systems we put in place to support the work they are doing.. By working smarter we achieve a better result for our clients.

Our Team

Hawke's Bay Electrician | Darren Bambry

Darren Bambry

Managing Director

Darren is the first point of contact for all Business Management considerations. He assists the Kinetic business owners with strategic planning and operational issues. He provides advice and guidance regarding financial management, employee management, and is there to help with significant tender opportunities.

Darren manages the supplier relationships for the Kinetic group and uses every bit of his 30 years’ experience to keep them on their toes. This is not a six monthly or even monthly task. Darren allocates a portion of every week to the checking, reviewing and planning asscoiated with product pricing. As the Kinetic group grows, this role will become increasingly important and will deliver significant benefits to the Kinetic business owners.

His background… Darren is an electrician and has built the Kinetic Electrical Hawkes Bay business from 4 to 40 people. His expertise in Business Management comes from real world experience.

Ken Parsons, Business Development Manager, Kinetic Electrical Franchisor

Ken Parsons

Business Development Manager

Ken is the first point of contact for all Marketing and Business Development considerations. He works closely with business owners and Darren during the Business Planning phase. He provides advice and guidance regarding local advertising opportunities and  promotion of the individual businesses into new areas. He coordinates and schedules this in conjunction with National Marketing  for maximum gain for each Kinetic business.

His background… Ken was the founder and owner of a computer software and services company that established itself as the leading provider of Electronic Document Management systems to the legal profession in Australia.

Lisa Arrell, IT Support, Kinetic Electrical Franchisor

Lisa Arrell

IT Administrator

Having effective, easy to use computer systems is essential to any business. Kinetic has invested heavily in our computer systems and in the ongoing support of those systems. When an individual Kinetic business calls the National Support Office for assistance they are not pushed through to a faceless help desk. They speak to someone they have met in person, someone who knows the system inside-out, and someone who knows what accounting/administrative issues electricians are typically faced with.

Lisa is the first point of contact for all things relating to the computer systems. She is there during the initial system setup, during the initial training and provides ongoing support once they are up and running.

Her background… Lisa has played a senior role in the implementation of large scale financial computer systems for the past 20+ years.

Vicki Bambry, Operations Manager, Kinetic Electrical Franchisor

Vicki Bambry

Operations Manager

Vicki is the first point of contact for all things administration. This includes managing Kinetic’s relationships with suppliers of uniforms, stationery, signage etc. She is always on the lookout for better options, better products and better prices for all aspects of business adminstration. If the business owners need help with the adminstration Vicki is there to assist.

Vicki is also webmaster for the Kinetic Electrical website, managing all the content.

Her background… Vicki has been with Kinetic from its very beginning!