Explosive Atmosphere Electricians

Installation, Maintenance and Breakdown Support

At Kinetic Electrical we provide competent and experienced staff to deliver your electrical requirements efficiently and safely within your locations containing explosive atmospheres.

The integrity and compliance of electrical installations in explosive atmospheres is critical to ensure the safety of your people, property and assets. Non-compliance can impact health and safety, insurance, regulatory compliance and the operability of your plant or equipment. With this in mind engaging the right contractor with the right skills is essential.

Benefits Of Using Kinetic Electrical:
· Electricians trained to meet AS/NZS60079.14 section 4.4 Competency of Personnel
· Services applicable to "Gas" and "Dust" Explosive Atmospheres
· Effective Health, Safety and Quality Systems
· Industry Experienced Staff
· Integration with Kinetic Electricals Industrial Services

Services We Provide:
· Installation
· Maintenance
· Breakdown Support
· Verification Dossier Compilation
· Co-ordination of Electrical Inspections Mandated by the Electrical Safety Regulations
· CAD Electrical Drawing